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Woodland Cottages were the project of Les Eveniss. After purchasing the property in the sixties he demolished the existing structures and gradually built the cottages that stand today. 

"Love it there. Was a great place to fish and Lynn and Brad are amazing people to be there with thanks for making Woodland Cottages a great place to go."

- Ryan

Great property for young kids with grass going all the way down to the lake, a great sand area, and beautiful shallow swimming area. Cozy cottages, everything you need for a great family vacation. Can't wait to come back next year!

- Caitlyn

"I love Woodland cottages for the fishing, lake access, playground, and sand with water slides. The parents can relax while the kids 8 and up have fun plugged into nature and unplugged to television or electronic devices."


Great place to vacation and relax. Lyn is extremely friendly and welcoming. I've rented here a few times over the years and would recommend! Right on the water and it's quiet with beautiful views.

- Shelby

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